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Fiona Bulbeck

Pregnancy and Postnatal Specialist & Holistic Core Restore® Coach.
Massage Therapy, Scar Therapy, Pelvic Health, Return to Exercise


Hi, I'm Fiona.

I'm a former midwife, pregnancy and postnatal exercise massage and scar therapy specialist and Holistic Core Restore ® Coach. I'm passionate about guiding, directing, and supporting you and your body through pregnancy, birth and beyond.

I offer one-on-one to restore your strength and function after birth, help you recover from things like diastasis, c-section and pelvic floor dysfunction. As a massage therapist I incorporate massage as a part of your recovery.

My vision is to help women find exercises they enjoy and that work well for their body, There's no 'one size fits all' when it comes to what our bodies go through during and after pregnancy.

Using my experience as a former midwife and as a women's exercise, massage and scar therapist, all of my programmes are designed to support both your physical and emotional wellbeing, wherever you are in your pregnancy or postnatal journey. Once postnatal, always postnatal.

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