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Lucinda Rose

Lucinda Rose Your Parenting Coach & Cheshire Placenta


Lucinda Rose is a Parenting Coach and Placenta Remedies Consultant. Lucinda is a qualified and experienced nanny and maternity nurse specialising in babies, toddlers and SEN she also has a master's degree in psychology specialising in child psychology and development and has worked in the NHS. The best way to describe Lucinda is as a translator for parents as she is able to teach you everything about your baby or toddler and what they are trying to tell you. She provides emotional support for parents whilst also delivering practical tips and solutions for all parenting issues. Lucinda's specialties are sleep guidance and routine setting for babies, reflux & allergies, multiples, SEN parenting, parenting techniques and support with birth trauma and post natal depression. Think Supernanny but nicer, there hasn't been a parenting problem she can't fix! Lucinda's job is to help you to be the best parent you can be in a way that works for you and your children.

Lucinda is also passionate about placentas because quite frankly they are magical! She set up Cheshire Placenta and offers placenta remedies such as placenta tablets, tonics & balms to help mums bounce back physically and mentally following birth. Placenta encapsulation replaces so many of the vitamins and minerals lost during labour and can help with energy levels, lactation, stress, the baby blues as well as boosting your metabolism and providing an extra level of immunity from infection. At Cheshire Placenta we believe that a happy mum makes a happy baby.

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