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Melanie English

Melanie English, Doula


Hi, I’m Mel, a birth and postnatal doula in Cheshire. Whether you are considering your first birth or your fifth, I can offer emotional, practical, and informational support to suit your needs through your pregnancy, birth, and post-natal periods.

With my support you will develop your own clear idea of your birth preferences and how they might apply to different birth scenarios, but most importantly you will be able to approach your birth fearlessly and positively. You will benefit from a confidence and surety in your ability to birth and care for your baby in whatever circumstance.

With me as your postnatal doula you will enjoy the benefit of planning a sumptuous 4th trimester – the period after your baby has arrived - when you will bond, recover, and flourish.

My own parenting experience has taught me many things, not least to bend, adapt, respond, and take responsibility for the events that challenge you. I was not fortunate enough to know about doulas when I birthed my own children, but if I could turn back time and talk to the pre-parent woman I was in my early twenties, I would give myself three pieces of advice:

  • Hire a doula,

  • earn how to baby wear

  • find/get to know your nearest breastfeeding and/or parent support group before your baby is born

And this is why I’m very happy to be part of PBY – all of the things you could possibly need under one virtual roof!

I am based in Crewe so very handy for Leighton Maternity Unit, but I support families all around Cheshire and neighbouring counties.

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