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Sally-Ann Camsell

The Willow Tree Doula


As a doula, I am there to ensure families have the space and time to become the parents they want

to be, allowing you to get to know your baby and yourselves in your new role. Providing practical

support, emotional space and education to allow you to make empowered and informed choices is

at the heart of the doula role.

Outside of my doula role, I work in perinatal mental health and various community-based projects to

support families in the perinatal period. I have a Masters degree in Family and Child Psychology and

am a mummy to a wild toddler. My own experience in pregnancy, birth and parenthood is what

turned me to work with families in the perinatal period and am extremely passionate about what I


The support I offer can include:

  • Antenatal support

  • Education for birth and beyond

  • Postpartum meal preparation

  • Support with older siblings

  • Feeding support

  • Domestic support

  • Signposting

  • Birth debrief

  • Amazing hot drinks

I am particularly interested in working with parents with long term health conditions, to support

them in their journey where a little extra TLC and empathy is needed.

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