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A Birth Story Using Homeopathic Remedies

And how I got inspired to train and become an homeopath!

By Anne Gabarre

She had a Christmas Baby!

Back in December 2003 I was a birth partner for my friend's baby's arrival, it was the first time I witnessed the benefits of Homeopathic Remedies. Here's how it went...

My friend was due at the end of December - it was her second pregnancy, unexpected but welcome, the father was not to be at the birth, and as her mother had not been supportive first time around, I was asked to be the ‘birth partner’.

I felt honoured but a little puzzled when she asked me to come with her to her Homeopath appointment to talk about Homeopathy in labour. It all seemed a little weird to me.


This friend had had recurrent miscarriages (4 in total) before having her daughter, and she claimed that Homeopathy was what made the difference in seeing her first pregnancy through. The fact that she was again pregnant and getting to full term 18 months later was another bonus.


The Homeopath took us through the remedies that could be helpful just before labour (for anticipatory anxiety, insomnia..), the remedies that could help at the onset of labour (for strong and efficient contractions, to help with emotions, to help cope with the contractions…) as well as what to give if the labour slowed down or if we had to go through medical interventions.

It was very straight forward and armed with my list and a Remedy Kit, I made sure I learnt by heart what remedies went with which symptoms, and knew when to pop the small sugary pill in my friend’s mouth. Or sometime I add it to her water.


Labour started slowly, my friend and her daughter moved into my house so that my partner could look after the toddler if we had to go to the hospital during the night.

At one point the contractions became less regular and the right remedy got them going again.

By the time we arrived in hospital, labour was well established even though her water had not broken. We explained I was to stay with her throughout and that we were using Homeopathy (a few eyebrows were raised but there were no comments).

My friend wanted to stay on her feet or kneel by the chair in the room. She was focused on her breathing and I was watching for signs when she might need support using remedies as I saw fit.

She got a little tetchy at some point (annoyed at the noise next door) and again a remedy settled her. Then she felt the contractions were too strong and again a remedy given every 5 mins for half an hour helped her cope better.

By that point the midwives felt we were doing fine on our own and had left us to get on with the labour.

Four hours later, my friend said ‘I am pushing against a bubble’ – the second stage had started. A midwife appeared at this point and insisted she laid down to be examined. As she moved on the bed, the waters broke, the midwife yelled ‘push’, I invited her not to but pant and keep her jaw wide open – the baby was born within 2 minutes (had she pushed she would have badly torned and little one would have shot out!).

Mothers and baby were well, without a graze or a stitch between them, and the midwife explained ‘this is the easiest birth I witnessed! What were the little pills you were giving her?’..


This is what the kit looks like, it's not a huge investment (around £35-40) and will last. It's easily available to order from Helios Pharmacy.


Mother, baby boy and toddler were together for Christmas! It took me two day to come down from the high of adrenaline and endorphins – what a privilege it had been to be there for her.

Having witnessed Homeopathy in action during labour I was awed by its ability to support the body and the mind and vowed to look into it further.

At the time, I was a Marketing Director in the Fragrance and had only used homeopathic remedies as prescribed by my GP who was also an Homeopath. It was a revelation and a stepping stone towards my career change.

I have now been a qualified Homeopath for over 20 years and love supporting women through the deep transition that is motherhood.

Pregnant women and their birth partner can book in together so that I can take them through the ‘Birth Kit’ – no previous knowledge is necessary. The birth partner only needs to be dedicated to providing active support during labour and beyond.

If you have questions or are curious about where to start with Homeopathic Remedies whilst pregnant or as a preparation for labour, email me at 

Meet me at Core WellBeing Clinic in Mobberley or online for phone & Zoom consultations.

My biog and contact details are available HERE  on our Directory page.

A Webinar on how to use Homeopathy for Pregnancy, Childbirth and the Postnatal period for expecting parents is coming up on Thursday 14th March 7.30-9pm on Zoom co-hosted with pregnancy yoga instructor Maryline Higham - Further details and bookings are taken through our Eventbrite page

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