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TWO BOOKS and A NEW APP from this PBY member! Read on...

Throughout November, we have marked the launch of two new books and an App, by PBY Cheshire member Coby Langford, from @soothechildrensclinic.

Coby has over 20 years experience as a Paediatric Osteopath treating newborns, babies and children up to 18 years old for digestion & sleep issues, tension headaches and many more conditions in Manchester & Cheshire.

On Weds 8th, our team met in Knutsford and Coby introduced us to her work, freshly out of the printers!

From left to right:

Donna from Doula D, Sarah from Breathing-space Yoga, Elizabeth Plant from Springtime Holistics Clinical Massage & Reflexology, Maryline Higham Yoga with Maryline, Coby Langford, Anne Gabarre from Core Well-being Homeopathy, and Fiona Bulbek from Exercise Nutrition Pregnancy and Beyond Cheshire.

It took several years to collate observations and organise her findings on how paediatric osteopathy significantly improved babies, toddlers & children's wellbeing after her treatment.

Coby compiled her observations on the biggest causes of upset for babies when they visit her clinic. These are summarised in the book called 'Why won't my baby stop crying?' through case studies & happy ending stories, where her treatments have finally solved baby’s endless crying problems, severe reflux and so on.

Subsequently, Coby produced a second book, called '7 Steps to a happy baby' which is a more practical manual with clues to detect and understand babies upset, and inspiration to lead them onto the path of recovery.

Both books are helpful to educate, empower and support parents who feel the hardship of unexplained sleep issues, digestion or feeding discomfort or long periods of crying in babies.

Coby knows that addressing baby's issues will impact on the wellbeing of the whole family and is motivated to share her knowledge with that particular purpose in mind!

We introduced the books to parents in Knutsford!

Elizabeth, Coby and Maryline -PBY team members- set up a social meet up with local parents in Knutsford, Coby's hometown and home of the Soothe Children Clinic.

On 21st November, we organised a free social event at Charlton Lodge in Knutsford.

Around coffee & cake, local mums came to hear a talk about common causes of babies' feeding and digesting issues, and alternative treatment options once baby has been cleared from the GP.

Mums were particularly interested in a tool Coby developed called the Baby App. Available on Android and Apple, it is a taster for the books, and gives instant access to key baby wellness knowledge for new parents & pregnant couples.

Mums were drawn to the colic part of the Baby App, which covers subjects like tension post birth, tongue tie, probiotics... They understood the reasons behind their baby's tendency to favour one side when feeding for instance, or pulling off the bottle/breast. The infamous so called 'witching hour' finally made sense too as Coby linked it to a possible 'lactose overload' when babies have run out of enzymes to break down the lactose sugar...

The Baby App is currently free to download - Discover its many facets by using the links below:



The books are available on Amazon following the links below, or via Coby directly (contact details bekow)

Spread the word or offer the gift of baby wellness knowledge to someone you care about this Christmas 🎄

7 Steps To A Happy Baby: How To Help An Unsettled Baby

Why Won't My Baby Stop Crying?: Cranial Osteopathy For Babies And Children

If you are interested in Coby's work or think your baby might need the help of a paediatric osteopath, view Coby's contact details here:

Join us to wish Coby great success in her mission to inform parents, and contribute to babies' wellness in the local area!

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