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Big subject! It's so hard to find the ultimate comfort position, right?

Here's a little video breaking down some of your options according to the symptoms you might be experiencing. Carpal tunnel, PGP, heartburn, they are solutions to improve your sleep quality.

We hope you find it useful!

If your current pregnancy pillow isn't cracking it, a bolster or two might do it! (picture) We love their versatility. They make a great feeding prop or foot rest postnatally.

Send us your sleep related questions, and comment if you find some of the suggestions are working for you!

This video is the second of a 6-part series of free 15-minutes tutorials to help you with birth preparation and comfort in Pregnancy. You can practice with Maryline Weds daytime & Monday night in Knutsford or Thursday lunchtime in Manchester Northern Quarter.

Maryline is one of the founder members of PBY Cheshire. Follow her on Instagram @marylineyoga & Facebook @yogawithmaryline

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